Transform the Learning Landscape at Your Company

October 06, 2016

 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

eLearning benefits online trainingTraining is vital to the success of an organization because it develops your most valuable resources, your employees. When online training is combined with traditional instructor-led training (ILT), it creates the most valuable and cost effective method for continuous education. Additionally, since Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce, and as Generation Z (Gen Edge) enters the workforce, the demand for online training has increased. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of incorporating eLearning into your overall training strategy.


6 Ways Companies Can Benefit from E-learning

  1. Time

Typically, the time it takes to complete an eLearning class is less than other types of training. eLearning reduces the time employees spend out of office and decreases the level of disruption to their daily routine.

  1. Absence

In today’s workforce, it is becoming increasingly common for teams to be spread out geographically.  By incorporating an eLearning program, it provides employees the flexibility to complete training regardless of location.

  1. Reach

With eLearning, companies can expand training to their entire workforce, including personnel who may not traditionally be included in ILT. In addition, eLearning can go beyond, such as providing compliance training on a regular basis with contractors as well as employees. Thus, eLearning is a great option because it reaches the masses.

  1. Lower Training Costs

Speaking of the masses, eLearning is a great option for companies that need to reach the masses but have a limited training budget.  Since eLearning does not incur travel costs or require printed materials, it saves on operational costs.  Additionally, it shortens the time away from an employee’s job.

  1. Standardization

eLearning creates a standardized process and consistency in training delivery and quality.  It removes the possibility that different instructors teach and/or present training concepts in a different way.  This creates an effective and repeatable process.

  1. On-boarding

On-boarding is a critical process for every company.  One of the components to a successful on-boarding process is ensuring that new employees have the resources needed to do their job, and eLearning is a great way to accomplish this. By having an eLearning program, each new employee can take the training immediately instead of waiting for the next instructor-led training session.  This reduces the time it takes for an employee to learn the processes and tools at a company.


eLearning is not the “silver bullet” of training. However, it can transform the landscape of learning and development within your organization by incorporating an online training strategy into your current professional development program.  For more information on eLearning and the services The Persimmon Group provides, visit our website.

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