Instructor-Led Training

We believe you learn best by doing. Whether it is one of our standard courses, a tailored class, or completely custom learning material, all of our courses are designed and facilitated to be hands-on, exercise and discussion intensive. We incorporate industry standards and best practices but don’t stop there. Learning concepts is only half of the puzzle — knowing how to apply those concepts to your job, in the real-world, is what ultimately creates lasting impact for you and your organization.

As business and organizational leaders this is where we at Persimmon excel. We’ve been in the trenches and successfully applied our unique approaches and knowledge to lead teams, departments and companies. We cultivate learning from a place of experience.

Learning Delivery

We facilitate courses and workshops to support your learning and development needs through:

  • On-site courses at your location
  • Courses delivered at our facilities for your teams
  • Open enrollment courses

Long before becoming consultants, our trainers were – and still are – real-life business leaders and project managers. We don’t outsource training delivery to professional instructors, all of our classes are facilitated by our delivery consultants who can relate to your people, because they have walked in their shoes and are still actively doing what they teach. This enables our facilitated training to be discussion-intensive and focused on addressing the challenges your people are currently facing – we often refer to our training as “consulting on the fly”. To learn more about the courses we can provide your organization, visit our Training & Development Catalog.

Tailored Courses

Every organization is different. While we can deliver our standard courses for you, it is our preference when possible, to take a little time on the front end to tailor a course so it becomes specific to your organization. That takes the learning experience for your people beyond just a Manager & Supervisor Essentials course – as an example – and it becomes the essentials needed for manager and supervisors specifically at your organization.

With tailored content, we weave terminology, ideas, and examples from your organization’s culture into the learning experience so it has a greater impact for the participants and reinforces your organization’s processes and values. Tailoring of a course can be a simple as an adjustment in the facilitation style, to incorporation of your templates and processes, to crafting a unique class built from Persimmon’s Content Modules.

Instructional Design

When you have learning content you need to create but either don’t have the time or expertise to develop it, our instructional design team can create it for you.  Working with you and your subject matter experts, we turn your knowledge into a custom training for your business that you can then take and deliver internally or leverage our facilitators to do so.  This can be as simple as a short training on changes to your performance management form to development of an entire training program for the rollout of a new system implementation and business process changes.