Employee Burnout: 4 Ways to Stop It

by Bill Fournet | May 07, 2017


Burnout at workRemember the days when we actually had time to “think” at work? Between market volatility, cost-cutting and constantly changing technologies — the pressure can seem overwhelming at times just to stay afloat. As business leaders, we are responsible for giving our team members breathing room to carve out “time to think” and improve how they perform.


If your employees are becoming “worn out”, immediately implement these four initiatives:

  1. Tell your team to carve out two hours Friday morning to do nothing but reflect and discuss how they are performing and what they could start to improve.
  2. For your managers, have them go to lunch at least once a month with their team, and then once a month with their peers. This creates bonding and improves their awareness of enterprise issues and successes to improve your organization’s “cohesiveness.”
  3. Start asking your leadership team what the strategic issues for the business are — the “how are we doing” questions. Ask for these weekly and actually discuss them. Too often, we focus only on the tactical issues facing us.
  4. Ask your team to start providing realistic estimates — estimates that don’t assume everything must be urgent. We have become so aggressive in getting work done quickly, that we find ourselves working long, crisis hours as the norm, rather than the exception.

Consider this a call-to-action: Provide relief to your team in the short-term or risk losing them in the long-term. Which do you think is a greater risk to your future?

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