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Strategic Management & Planning Services

What does success look like for your organization? Do you know how to get there?  Do you know what you need to get there?  How do you know if you are making progress towards that end?

We work with you to analyze organizational performance from all angles and evaluate whether core operational strategies are working – or not – and why.  We drill down to identify the core issues, help you develop solid strategies to address them, and develop practical implementation plans. Our deep experience and pragmatic approach helps clients shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement.

Our approach is not prescriptive, but rather adapted to fit your unique culture and circumstance, which is particularly critical in developing an authentic strategy and ensuring successful implementation.

Strategy Management Services

Strategy Development and Implementation

We take an outcome-focused approach to strategic planning. First and foremost, we want to help you define what success looks like. We help you create – and validate – a realistic, well-defined strategic roadmap to reach those outcomes through supporting goals that are aligned to your vision, mission, and guiding principles.  Strategic initiatives are identified across goals and measurements are defined to manage progress toward the desired outcomes and enact change.

In addition to facilitating development of your strategy, we can assist you in the implementation – working side-by-side with you, coaching your team through execution of the strategy.

Our process can include:

  • Front-end assessment of Current State including interviews with key executives and employees, and conducting employee surveys
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT)
  • Development of Future State vision and assessment of gaps to be addressed
  • Development of prioritized initiatives and an actionable roadmap to implementation complete with success measurements to ensure you are on track.

Organizational Transformation

Research has proven that more than 70% of transformation programs fail.  The cost for these failures can be significant and more far-reaching than the loss of the financial investment.  We leverage our experience and proven processes, to mitigate the risk of transformation missteps and successfully shape the organization you want to become.

Ensuring your organizational structure supports the strategy, we focus on your desired business outcomes to understand what success looks like for the organization.  We examine the fundamental building blocks of your business processes and identify the functions needed to support them.  We look for synergies that occur across organizational structures and roles to create an efficient and adaptive organizational design.

We recognize an organization’s goals and needs evolve. With that in mind, we craft an organizational design that not only meets your current needs, but one that positions the organization for future success.

Change Management

Whether technological or process oriented, when pursuing an organizational transformation the impact to individuals and departments within your organization can be significant. We help you design and implement effective change management plans for each transformation initiative.  It can be as small as change for individual teams or as great as transformation across the entire organization. Regardless of the transformation size, our focus is the mitigation of risk, reduction of disruption to the business, and maintenance of employee morale.

Operational Performance Management

With a strategy roadmap in place, we work with you to manage your progress toward the strategic initiatives and identify where you may need to adapt or adjust future initiatives. We help you identify sound key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that allow you to evaluate factors that are crucial to your organization’s performance success.  Once the KPIs are established, we help you set KPI targets and establish the scorecarding needed to keep operations on track towards the stated goals.

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