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Project Management Consulting

Project Management is one of our core specialties. Our project management leaders have successfully managed projects of varying magnitudes – everything from large-scale, enterprise-wide projects to small project teams deploying front-line initiatives. Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to get you there.  Our consultants can parachute in at any phase of the project life cycle, roll up their sleeves, and get right to it.

We recognize that every organization looks, behaves and performs differently, and we tailor our project management approach accordingly.

We understand that a project is there to ultimately provide value for your organization, therefore, we apply a holistic approach. While a project must be tightly executed to be on time and on budget, we work with your project team to also uncover the overall organizational value of the project, and then weave that into our entire PM approach to ensure the right decisions are made regarding project investments, expectations, and leadership support. With many years of experience as Project Management Institute (PMI) certified trainers and as real-life project managers, we will help you achieve success.

Project Management Tailored for Any Situation

Project Assessments & Audits

Whether through an informal “health check” or more formal audit, we evaluate a projects performance – identifying risks, gaps, and other opportunities for improvement. We examine both tangible and intangible aspects of a project including project communication, team dynamics, documentation quality, vendor management, and project control points.  This can be conducted while a project is in progress or after delivery. If still in progress, we provide corrective recommendations to improve the project.  If conducted as a lessons learned, we provide recommendations to improve planning and execution for your next initiative.

Agile Methodologies

We have implemented Agile Methodologies across multiple teams, in mixed contractor and vendor environments to ensure the business gets what it needs in a timely fashion.  Ensuring leadership understands the approach and has governance oversight, we help define and design how you can improve the use of an Agile Methodology to enable shorter delivery cycles, more accurate requirements, and ultimately meet the business needs.

Business Change

Large projects often affect the processes and people in the organization as a whole. As those projects progress towards implementation, we work to reduce the risk and impact of disruption to the operation and prepare your people through training for deployment. Our Business Change efforts include upfront planning of deployment initiatives that run in parallel with the technology project to better prepare the business, so when the technology deployment occurs much of the business is already transformed.

Methodology Development & Implementation

We work with you to implement an effective Project Management Methodology that improves your project execution, governance, and visibility.  From prioritization and determination of a portfolio, through actual project execution to post-project review, we develop project management methodologies for engineering and construction, technology, and manufacturing.  We work side-by-side with you to ensure that the methodology and tools developed support your business needs and are aligned with your culture.

PMO Formation & Implementation

The design and purpose of a Project Management Office (PMO) will vary based on your organizational needs and desired outcomes.  We work with information technology, engineering, and construction organizations to design PMOs that are an organizational fit and provide tangible improvements for your projects.  When implementing a PMO, our focus is to ensure it supports the business strategy as well as the daily needs of the business itself. This can include the processes, the training, the templates and tools, and the methodologies that support the overall PMO as well as coaching to guarantee that it is implemented as intended. With numerous approaches to development and implementation, we take your culture and business needs into careful consideration.

Project Controls

From schedule and cost to scope and quality, we work with you to implement the right level of controls for how projects are managed. Depending on the needs of your organization, project controls may range from very formal processes, tools, and roles to more informal methods that project managers and project teams can utilize.  Deployment of effective project controls allows better governance and oversight of your projects, ultimately reducing the risk of project failure.

Portfolio and Project Prioritization

Whether it is for information technology, business change, or construction projects, we give you the tools to prioritize the projects that are being conducted or considered. This includes determining how projects should be selected and prioritized against the organization’s overall business strategy as well as consideration of the organization’s capacity to conduct the projects. We provide status reporting and scorecards so that your leadership can quickly see the status of both project requests and projects currently “in-flight” ensuring governance and oversight of your overall project portfolio.

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