Consulting Services

Organizational Behavior Consulting

From the C-suite to the front lines, your organizational success relies on the capability, engagement, and empowerment of your people.  Working with you, we look at your business from a holistic perspective – considering both tangible and intangible factors – to uncover areas of opportunity that impact your people and organization. With opportunities identified, we design tailored, scalable solutions that align with your strategy to create sustained organizational improvements.

Whether you are seeking to reduce costs, drive growth, strengthen short-term performance or long-term organizational health, we help you uncover systemic issues that influence your effectiveness.  We focus on enhancing your core competencies, shaping long-term development strategies, improving interdepartmental collaboration, bolstering communication plans and reducing costs through greater efficiency.

We provide actionable solutions which empower your employees to become catalysts of change and creators of success for your organization.

Organizational Effectiveness Services

Organizational Design/Transformation

Research has proven that more than 70% of transformation programs fail.  The cost for these failures can be significant and more far-reaching than the loss of the financial investment.  We leverage our experience and proven processes, to mitigate the risk of transformation missteps and successfully shape the organization you want to become.

Ensuring your organizational structure supports the strategy, we focus on your desired business outcomes to understand what success looks like for the organization.  We examine the fundamental building blocks of your business processes and identify the functions needed to support them.  We look for synergies that occur across organizational structures and roles to create an efficient and adaptive organizational design.

We recognize an organization’s goals and needs evolve. With that in mind, we craft an organizational design that not only meets your current needs, but one that positions the organization for future success.

Climate Surveys & Assessments

We utilize a variety of standard assessment tools as well as create a custom assessment to meet specific needs.  We analyze the results of your assessment to provide actionable recommendations.

Our assessments and surveys can be used as a pulse check on the organization’s overall health or to gain insight into a specific initiative. These tools identify organizational strengths and weaknesses which provide a basis for effective action planning ranging from employee development to broad organizational change.

Talent & Performance Management

Your organization’s success is inextricably tied to your people and their performance. We help you identify talent gaps, create a strategy to fill them, and design effective performance management approaches to support your organizational strategy.

Whether at the micro-level for the individual or the macro-level of the organization we create targeted development strategies.  Ranging from coaching and formalized learning to full leadership development programs, we take a multi-faceted approach using a blend of your resources paired with our services.

Additionally, we help you create performance management processes that tie directly to your business plans and provide actionable insights focused on team structure, individual talent strengths, and performance improvement opportunities.

Succession Planning

With today’s ever changing workforce, an effective succession plan is inextricably tied to an organization’s future success.  We identify the key players in your organization. Looking at both leadership roles and those that are technical specialists, we assess the talent gap and look at the organizational impact of losing these resources.

Whether through current staff or future recruiting and acquisition, an actionable succession plan is developed to fill the talent gap.

Learning Development Strategies

We create a strategy for training and developing your people that supports your overall talent management plan.  This can be as extensive as establishing the framework for an internal “university” within your organization or as simple as identifying external learning opportunities.  Employing a multi-channel, multi-faceted approach to learning strategies, we can incorporate everything from coaching and mentoring to on-the-job training, workshops, and formal learning.

HR Services Augmentation

If you are looking to revamp your HR processes or you need to build them from the ground up, our Human Resource professionals can lighten the burden on your team so you can focus on what matters most in your organization.

We can assist with developing organizational policies, revamping your existing HR processes, writing job descriptions, or updating your employee handbook among other services.

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