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Leadership Development and Business Coaching Services

Great leadership sometimes occurs naturally. But for most of us, great leadership must be developed through specialized training, deliberate focus on areas of opportunity, and accountability. Whether geared toward a single individual, executive management teams, or entire organizations, our leadership development consulting services will help you fully assess your talent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Recognizing that the cost to replace a senior level executive can range from 150%-400% of annual salary, not including loss of intellectual capital, our leadership development efforts and coaching focus on real business results.  We work with you to craft a tailored leadership development and coaching program geared to deliver specific and measurable outcomes.

Our leadership development approach is grounded in an upfront analysis that helps participants to clearly see and exploit their strengths while providing visibility to their areas of unique opportunity. We seek to nurture participants’ growth in the results-driven context of your business while challenging perceptions, exposing blind spots, and developing better behaviors.

Leadership Development Consulting Services

Leadership Development Programs

Recognizing that each organization is unique, we leverage this model to customize a Leadership Development Program that meets your specific business needs.  The program is tailored to reinforce your desired culture, support your organizational structure, and empower your strategy.  Moreover, we can engage with you at any stage in this model and even incorporate elements from your own coaching and leadership development program. We have an extensive suite of offerings which we use to build your custom program, utilizing the elements that provide the greatest value.

Throughout any program, we continually evaluate how participants are progressing and how they are applying the knowledge learned to affect their own business outcomes.  We reassess with you and, if needed, make recommendations for program adjustments mid-stream to ensure the program ultimately meets the desired outcome.

Engaging Seminars & Workshops

As practitioners and business leaders, we deliver learning sessions that provide your organization with immediate, practical value.  We have a long-established reputation for offering high-impact learning programs delivered by business leaders. Our approach is simple – participants should leave our programs equipped to immediately apply knowledge gained through our learning sessions to their job.

Our seminars and workshops range from formal learning to hands-on working sessions all the way to facilitated discussions around key topics. The format for these sessions can include:

  • Leadership Forums
  • Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions
  • Team Coaching Workshops
  • Offsite Retreats
  • Training Courses
  • Conference Presentations

Competency Model Development

We work with you to develop a leadership and organizational competency model that enables you to identify, assess, and develop personnel within your organization — from individual front line contributors to top level executives. This enables you to define the leadership and management capabilities your people need to be successful and that will empower your future culture.

We create competency models that enable you to:

  • Define the core abilities essential for your organization’s success
  • Highlight potential talent gaps
  • Identify future leaders
  • Establish a baseline of management and leadership capabilities to use as you develop your current talent towards what your organizations needs for success in the future
  • Better target your recruiting and hiring so you are strategically filling known gaps

Leadership Assessments

Our senior consultants are certified in a number of assessment tools, including Hogan Assessments, DiSC, Insight Colors, and MBTI among others.  Whether for a single coaching engagement or a full leadership development program we work with you to determine the assessment that best meets your needs. We then analyze the results provide you with valuable insights at an individual, team, and organizational level.

A sampling of the assessment options we provide include:  HoganLEAD, HoganDEVELOP, Hogan Judgement, DiSC Workplace, DiSC Management, DiSC Work of Leaders, Insights Colors, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 360 Assessments.

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