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Business Process Management

Organizations today are being challenged more than ever to do more with less, leaving opportunities to be more efficient and effective in their business processes. When implemented effectively, process improvement initiatives provide substantial value, strengthening your performance and your bottom line.

We offer business process management consulting services and training programs that focus on aligning your resources, technology, and supporting structures, providing you with sustainable solutions to your business process needs. Through strategic decisions and practical applications, we work closely with you to design and implement a plan that drives your organization to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Business Process Management Services

Business Process Improvement

In any business process effort, we begin with the desired outcome in mind. Whether it is re-engineering your current processes or developing new ones, we look for opportunities to consolidate and streamline your effort. We work with your organization to reduce complexities, improve efficiency, and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Process improvement attempts can often result in adding more procedures to already complicated processes – creating more steps, more questions, and more complexity.  This is why we want to help you step back from the weeds and examine the most efficient way to get from “A to Z”.

From the manufacturing floor to general business processes, we look for opportunities for automation and consolidation of activities so your processes can be executed more efficiently, reduce re-work, and produce higher quality for your organization.

Current State Process Mapping

We document the current state process in layers—capturing the inputs, outputs, and process itself, starting at the highest level working our way down through the necessary details. We observe daily operations to gain an understanding of how the processes are being used. We utilize this information to define key improvement areas and to determine if an entire current state mapping is needed. This level of observation provides significant insight, allowing Future State design implementation to be more pragmatic and successful.

Future State Process Design

We take a collaborative approach when designing new processes to support your technological or organizational transformation. To design for future success, we examine your people, processes, and tools and document how they currently function. We use straightforward and easy to follow diagrams and symbols to define the process, the roles that are required to support the process, and any technology interactions.  Utilizing this information, we build a roadmap of the resources and processes required to help you effectively navigate change and implement the desired future state of your business.

Business Architecture

If you’re ready to take your organization to the next level, you’ll need a blueprint for success. A business architecture is that blueprint, representing the critical aspects of your business- what your business does, how it does it, and how it achieves value. When a sound business architecture is in place, you have a clear basis upon which to evaluate current and proposed investments, reducing the risk that resources are applied to misaligned or ineffectual projects. Additionally, a business architecture ensures that the impacts and interfaces of critical projects are well-understood, making it simpler to identify and communicate to key stakeholders when change is implemented. The Persimmon Group can help you design or define your business architecture as part of a strategic planning process, or in preparation for a critical project or change initiative.

Use Case Development

Are you about to purchase or develop a new technology solution? Use cases can dramatically reduce the risks, issues and miscommunication inherent in most technology implementation projects. Use case modeling is an approachable way to describe what your new system will do. It’s easy for both technical and non-technical stakeholders to understand, and ensures that real system needs and risks are brought to light early in the project. We can facilitate the Use Case Development process with your team, ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged and invested in a common vision for your technology project.

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