Effective Meeting Management: Getting Value From Your Meetings

Effective meetings connect people, information, and ideas. They are essential to the success of projects, teams, and organizations. However, the average employee spends 62 hours per month attending meetings, less than half of which they view as valuable time.  In fact, many of the individuals we survey estimate that out of an average hour meeting about 10 minutes is valuable. Many meetings are:

  • Unnecessary
  • Lack clear goals or agenda
  • Get interrupted or derailed
  • End without deliverables or actionable next steps


Our Effective Meeting Management class will help free you from ineffective and unnecessary meetings and enhance your effectiveness in the workplace. This hands-on and participation-oriented course provides proven meeting management techniques for all four major meeting types.


You will leave this class with the tools you need to prepare for and facilitate effective meetings.

  • Improve the effectiveness of meetings
  • Better utilize time in meetings
  • Improve communication during meetings
  • Build a repertoire of various problem solving and decision-making techniques
  • Accurately incorporate and analyze project stakeholders’ expectations into meetings
  • Effectively distribute project information in the manner stakeholders require

June 26th, 2018
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Class Location:
Tulsa, OK
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Great video clips, good stories and humor. This class really made me reevaluate my conflict style and how I present myself during meetings. I know I definitely improve in meeting management
since taking this class.

- Cory F.

The reiteration of the importance of agenda and minutes, and their timely creation & distribution helped remind
me to respect other's time.

- Katherine M.

Very good course, keep it up! This course teaches valuable tools for focusing meeting intent and valuing everyone's time.
Highly recommended.

- Shani P.
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