Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workforce


Duration | Half-day
Audience | Individuals who want to relate to people from multi-generations

Course Includes:

  • Participant workbook
  • Course handouts

Do you ever feel misunderstood by other generations? At times, have you also felt that you didn’t understand the people you interact with, whether they were co-workers or family members? You are not alone! Now more than ever, generational gaps are very distinct, and how we get along with one another and work together can be either hindered or helped by these generational understandings. The current workforce ranges from Baby Boomers to Gen Y, but Gen Z will be quickly joining and altering the workplace. The distinctions between generations – their cultures, their expectations, and their styles – have never been so sharp and diverse.


  • Identify and understand the different generational management trends
  • Understand each generation’s drivers to help prevent future misunderstandings
  • Leverage the generational perspectives to enhance team performance
  • Develop techniques for creating a collaborative, multigenerational environment
  • Have a clarity about other generations that will help your interactions be more cohesive and successful with your team, your project, and with others

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