Mastering Time Management


Duration | Half-day
Audience | People who want to make better use of their time

Course Includes:

  • Participant workbook
  • Course handouts

The average employee spends 11 minutes on a project before encountering a distraction. With so many responsibilities, interruptions, and fire to fight every day, time management is essential– but too many “time management” courses focus on squeezing more activity in a single day. This workshop takes a radically self-reflective approach, helping you identify those activities that add the most value to your organization and career– and ruthlessly outsourcing, delegating, or cutting the rest. Instead of focusing on what you can’t control (co-workers, boss’s demands, unexpected crises), you’ll learn scientifically-supported techniques to focus on what you can… our own planning and decision-making. Come and learn to enhance your team’s performance while maximizing your own time and effectiveness!


  • Develop a razor-sharp focus on your personal and career goals —and how to realize them
  • Learn proven, evidence-based techniques for effectively managing your commitments, organizing your day and making decisions
  • Learn how to use your tool-of-choice to build a fail-safe system for work intake and tracking
  • Pinpoint practical ways to set boundaries with your team, so that everyone stays productive
  • Gain communication streamlining tools and approaches to empower your team and eliminate unnecessary “fire-fighting”
  • Leave with tools and templates to help you delegate projects big and small to others while reducing risk of poor quality out

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