A Leader’s Guide to Delegating with Confidence

by Teri Aulph | August 16, 2018

Do you feel stressed and overloaded? Are time constraints compromising the quality of your results? Do you feel stalled, unable to “move the needle forward” because you have too much to do? You aren’t alone. Most people feel this way at some point in their careers. The difference between those who stay stuck in this cycle and those who don’t lie within their ability to get help from others. Thus, the best place to start is by delegating.

Maybe you’re afraid to delegate. Perhaps you don’t want to lose control; maybe you’re worried someone else may not do the job as well as you. But the best leaders aren’t afraid to delegate. After all, it is part of your responsibility as a leader to further develop your people. What better way to do this than by giving them tasks and projects that then free you up for other important matters, such as time to reflect and create thought leadership.

Without delegation, you’re constrained. There’s a limit to what anyone can accomplish in a period, regardless of how hard one works. By effectively delegating, you are freeing yourself to accomplish more… more of what truly matters, of the things that are going to best contribute to the success of yourself and your organization.

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